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New Profile Posts

  1. Daniel
    Dreaming for a better future.
  2. Qetah
    Extremely excited for MineSync 2.0!
  3. avsterbone
    avsterbone David
    Please respond to my pre-sales thread
  4. Smith King
    Smith King
    The Seasons Hospitality Aundh, Pune provides the best services, be it cuisine, hospitality or accommodation.
  5. Cal
    Lead Developer at Viral Aftermath
  6. Exemption
    Exemption David
    Where did u get the snowflake particles
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    2. Exemption
      JK didnt work xD teach meh
      17 December 2015
    3. David
    4. Exemption
      17 December 2015
  7. Soe Hoe
  8. CoZmicShReddeR
  9. Realystic
    Bought your progression mod just waiting for you to approve my license. It's cleared on my end.
    1. David
      Licenses are approved automatically after payment. If it hasn't been processed, please message me with your PayPal email, name and transaction ID.
      27 November 2015
    2. David
      I actually see your transaction. I can grant the license manually. Apologies for this not processing automatically. On another note, please keep support to the forums and private inquiries to PMs.
      27 November 2015
    3. David
      This has been granted :) Thanks for your purchase! You should receive a confirmation email shortly.
      27 November 2015
  10. TheArchon
    TheArchon David
    Attempting to purchase MineSync but unable to go through to PayPal.
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    3. David
      Yeah, PayPal gateway is down.
      20 November 2015
    4. David
    5. David
      21 November 2015
  11. Exemption
    Exemption David
    Do you have skype? Makes communication easier for support
    1. David
      I don't have a Skype for Apantic, sorry. We keep all support to the forum though.
      15 November 2015
  12. Martin
    Web Designer Who Thinks In Code
  13. OPVoids
    Messin with MineSync