Integrate your Minecraft server with your XenForo forum

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Sync ranks onto your forums

## Sync Profiles and Ranks Bring your server and web communities together by syncing profiles ranks from your server to the forums. Your users will be able to identify each other on the forums and show off their ranks (adding yet another rank perk!)

Cosmetic Overload

Users can take full advantage of the cosmetic features in MineSync! You can assign colours and display names to different in-game ranks. Players can choose which one to display from their profile settings.

Register via Server

Allow users to register for forum accounts via your server, bringing the forum and the server even closer together. You can also force registrations via your server to reduce spam and encourage more website viewers to join your server.

Simple to use

Some things just don't need to be more complicated. MineSync is easy to use for your players.

Easily configurable

MineSync is simple, powerful and easy to configure. Administrators can easily tweak their MineSync settings with a clean interface.